National p-ANI
Provides historical information relating to p-ANI.
Provides answers to commonly asked questions relating to the Routing Number
Administrator System (RNAS) and p-ANI application process.
Provides a list of commonly used acronyms and definitions that have been gathered from multiple sources including the FCC, ATIS and other industry forums.
p-ANI Tips
The Quarterly p-ANI tips provides helpful information for carriers regarding the p-ANI process and serves as a useful reference on processes for regulators.
Request Temporary Password
Registered users of the RNA system may request a temporary password at anytime using the “Request Temporary Password” tool provided.

Service Provider Check List (PDF)
Provides helpful information to assist new service providers on how to obtain p-ANIs.
Instructional Videos
Provides instructional videos to assist service providers and service provider consultants on how to submit p-ANI forecasts, requests for new p-ANIs, modifications, returns, p-ANI Annual Report, FCC license search, reports and helpful tools available in the RNA system.